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Day 5 of MR Safety week 26 July 2019

MR safety week commences on the 18th anniversary of the tragic accident at Westchester County Medical Centre, New York, where 6 year old Michael Columbini was struck and killed by a magnetic oxygen cylinder when it was mistakenly taken into the MRI scan room.

During MR safety week we will be publishing features and links on the website to support the professional development of Radiographers in MRI and promote best practice and excellence in MRI safety. 

 Day 1 document for download

Day 2 document crossword

Day 2 document wordsearch

Day 3 document for download

Day 4 document for download

Day 5 document for download

Day 5 crossword answers

Download the template Safety Questionnaire  

SCOR/BAMRR  MRI Safety guidance Document 2016 

This guidance and advice document is an overview of safety issues in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and provides direction to radiographic staff on where appropriate information can be found.


EU Physical Agents (EMF) Directive

The MR Safety Working Party together with BAMRR and the BIR MRI SIG have produced a number of  risk assessments  . 

(The HSE is not in a position to endorse the risk assessments that have been developed, but has confirmed that they reflect the approach that HSE has taken to implementing the EU Physical Agents (EMF) Directive in British law in the form of the CEMFAW Regulations.)


IPEM MRI Safety Notices - free to download 


Leadless Pacemakers 

Leadless cardiac pacemaker implantation for bradyarrhythmias in adults. This involves inserting a device into the heart that helps it beat at a normal rate. See information on Safety and implantation of these:

Medtronic - Micra Transcatheter Pacing System:  free to download 

St. Jude - Nanostim Leadless Pacemaker free to download 

Journal on Visualisation and apparence of artifacts from Leadless Pacemakers free to download 





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