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Kanal's MRSO Course - Postponed

June 21

Exciting news! Kanal’s MRSO/MRMD course is returning and, following demand, is extended by an extra morning. This two and a half day MRI safety course is in London from Sunday 21st to Tuesday 23rd June, 2020. To be held in, . The course costs £400 (plus VAT) and includes: twenty hours of teaching; selected post-course slides; the MagnetVision™ app; Kanal’s MR Risk Assessment app; hot lunch Sunday/Monday and all refreshments. The ABMRS UK-modified MRSO/MRMD/MRSE exams, aimed at radiographers, radiologists and physicists, respectively, will be administered at 2pm on Tuesday 23rd June. The exam fee is £250 (no VAT applies). This is another wonderful opportunity to experience this world class speaker and to gain an international MRI Safety accreditation.

Dr Kanal received the 2019 award for Most Effective Radiology Educator, an accolade reflected in the feedback from the London delegates last year. Here’s a snap-shot of some post-course comments:

… fantastic course, start to finish. Great venue, amazing speaker, couldn't have hoped for better

… it’s what our patients deserve, it was absolutely amazing and incredibly insightful

…MR for 23 years and have learnt so much in those 2 days

…cases he showed were an eye-opener, it takes knowledge and experience, beyond guidelines, to safely make decisions regarding scanning

… highlighted the potential harm that occurs to patients because there isn't the expertise or confidence, which can be overcome with the safety checklist advocated by Dr Kanal

…will definitely help me when it comes to deciding on scanning of non MR conditional implants

…self-funded but nonetheless I would do this experience over and over again. The knowledge I gained out of it was truly invaluable

Fantastic Experience. So much learned!

Unless people have been privileged enough to attend one of Dr Kanal's courses there is little training available to empower Radiographers to be confident in a decision to scan or not scan

… never before did I have a true understanding of the distinct energies in MRI and the associated  risks of each

… content was excellent and so valuable

It was without a doubt the best MRI course I have attended

I've done MRI for over 20 years and it has completely altered how I look at safety

…recommended that if he ever comes to the UK again the Trust should send as many as possible and allow them to do the exam

No amount of reading could have taught me what Dr Kanal did

Whilst we have good guidelines in the UK, this does not encourage the understanding of the topic. It was very telling that the Radiographers at the event seemed to have years of experience but still gained new understanding and found the exam challenging

…would be keen to send all of our MRI staff on this course and exam to re-enforce their knowledge and application of the theory to real patients

It’s strongly recommended that anyone who attends the course takes the opportunity to sit the exam. Two thirds of delegates last year sat the exam and from feedback, found it both a challenging but rewarding experience. To find out more information about the exam and to register for it please click on the exam registration link: Suggested pre-exam reading material will be available once registered. For more information on the course, please contact

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