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Policy Board  

The co-ordination of the Association's activities are undertaken by an elected Policy Board who all work on a voluntary, unpaid basis. BAMRR consists of up to 15 MRI Radiographers who are members of BAMRR and are working in different regions of the UK and Ireland.   

  The Policy Board is composed of:



Rachel Watts


Past President

Helen Estall


President Elect (Membership Secretary)

Aileen Wilson 




David Reed


Safety Co-ordinator

 Niamh Cleary


Social Media

Trudi Whitehead /Aileen Wilson

Safety Co-ordinator

Cath Mills


Course Co-ordinators

Jonathan Coupland 



Course Co-ordinators 

Zoe Lingham  


Newsletter Editor   

 Matthew Benbow


Conference Co-ordinators

 Matthew Benbow /  David Reed



UKRC Coordinator

Jill McKenna /Rachel Watts


SCoR MRI  Professional Officer 

Alex Lipton 


Website Co-ordinator 

Paola Griffiths


General  Secretary 

Lisa McBain